This post suppose to be earlier but I just get those picture. Hahaha. Just would like to thanks to all of my fellas and my families. Thanx to Jambu, Hafis, Mirul, Arm,Awe, Haimi, Aiz, Mazwan, Hafiz, Leiyn, Nono, Razis, Aifa, Sue, Siti, Muzamil, Adli, adik and my special one indeed. Not forget to my lovely Daddy Noorzali. Thanx a lot. There's nothing in the world could compensate all of the joy that u just awarded to me. Thanx again. And here are some of the pictures. Have a look!

Having a snapshot in front of my uncle's house. Who is not around? Thanx dude..

Just a few more captures before I'm leaving.

Wow Razis why did you acting like that. Haha. I'm not so sure when this photo was being captured. Perhaps when I'm about to have goodbye with my mama. I think so.

Babai li. Babai mus. Dok molek2 dok sano. Jange lupo solat. Deli ghoyak gitu.Kotlah.

Babai boab. Haha. Just one of my a long listed sisters.Mwah2. Yuks.

Bai ma. Jangan cakap camtu abang takmaw nangis. Hehehehe

Thanx a lot bah. The only one and the greatest father I ever had. Serius time ni macam nak menangis. Ngan orang lain tak sangat kot.

Ko jangan lupa bawak balik orkid untuk atok nati bang. Hahaha. Banyak2 bende orkid yang tetap di hati.

What a number of siblings I have. Thanx ma and babah and atok and tokyah as well. We have a really big family aren't we?

And this is a very wonderful moment. Really love you "dad". I mean,dad.Heh

And there it is. I'm leaving. Will miss you all guys. Really miss you all. sob2. :((


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