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Thanx 2 Allah The Most gracious and The Most Merciful. It's been 4 days since I've been here. Everything is going fine, no problem at all and I still standing to keep story about my new life. Woke up earlier on 9 this morning for student enrolment. What a long queue! Have to keep following the track for about 2 and a half hour.

Heh. Same like yesterday, I will keep forcing myself to be friendly (eventhough everybody who knows me before keep saying that I'm not that friendly with muka masam mencuka) and I've known a few Indonesian, Indian, Japan and some other local Geordie. Sepanjang beratur tu, tah bape kali tah minah Northumbria staff tu offer gula2. And I'm keep proudly saying that no, it's ok i'm fasting, no, it's ok i'm fasting. Sampai that Japanese gurl tolong mencelah cakap it's okay maam, he's fasting. What an honour?

Finally I get to the start line. Passing out my passport, transcript, offer letter and the procedures take about half an hour. And that's it! I'm just becoming Northumbria student! smartcard will only available in 2 days time. Therefore have to wait for another 48hours before I can settle down every important things. Bank Account, Mobilephone line, student card and clubs as well. Team Northumbria?Of course I will.

habis je enrolement Epul ajak balik bilik tapi nak balik bilik watpe je. So I've decided to have a walk around town once again for the 4th time(hahaaha hari2 jalan g town). Saje je nak usha Post Office, Police Station, City Pool, Lloyds Banks, and a few masjid that I can visit for the remaining few days of Ramadhan. Mane nak tahu tahun depan dapat jumpe lagi ke tidak.

Along my way, I've found some store which offering a great price of winter clothing. Sume murah2, and of course UK brand. Lonsdale, fred perry, paul smith, fcuk, topman, everlast sume around 20-25 pound. Kire murah la tu kalau nak banding ngan Malaysia kan. but I didnt take any, just because of planning to survey a few more stores before I can start shop them out.

Visiting a few banks and get information to decide which bank will suit me and my needs. Lloyds, Barclays, Curry, Tim, Northern rock, Scotland Bank, HSBC all of them have variety of products. Kalau boleh nak bukak sume hahahaha. tapi school will only issue one Bank Letter mean I have to choose the best one only. Maybe Lloyds TSB Islamic Banking kot. Macam best je. Lagipun banyak branch. Aduh. Aritu dah bukak HSBC tak boleh guna rupenya.

Then mobilephone line. Ni yang susah sket ni. Bukan ape, too many choices here, and all of them offering a great rates and tariff! And guess what? Once you have a mobilephone line, u'll get a free phone on the spot! Pilih jela yang mane satu. Aku nak Georgio Armani. Smart gile.

Hujan plak tibe2. Sejuknye jangan ckaplah. terpakse balik hall eventhough there's a lot of thing not yet being settled down.sabar jelah. malam kang Epul ajak bukak puase kat masjid uni lagi. Aku nak bukak kat Northumbria Prayer Room.Jemu woo makan nasi beriani hari2.but its ok.dapat lepak ngan aseng borak2. then balik hall dalam kesejukan. It's 6celcius today!


tajamkannuraniku said...

salam ramadhan, salam sayang..alhamdulillah syukur kpd alkarim yang maha mulia..syukur atas segala nikmatnya yang x terkira oleh kita..syabas dan tahniah setinggi2nya, muga dapat melakar kecemerlangan seterusnya di northembria..seronak baca cite kali ini..terasa semuanya semakin settle dan d permudahkan oleh Allah..2 yang mama tak henti2 doa pd Allah..english boleh tahan walaupun ada beberapa grammer salah silap sana sini..tapi x ape sikit masa ok leh 2..mama dah lama x menulis in english rasa janggal le pulak..ok bang all the best..tiap kali layari internet mesti buka blog abang dulu..harap2 ada cite2 yg dapat menajamkan nurani mama ni...2,3 ari ni dok komen kat blog orang je , blog sendiri tak update pun..k, missed u, jgn lupa tlg edit video yang mama suruh 2 ye..segera..luv u always...

Miss Alia said...

Mus'ab..saya doakan awak selamat kat sana...

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