1. This is a true Negeri di Bawah Bayu. I can’t see any sky. We are all covered up by clouds.
2. Smoking prohibition is everywhere, but they never obey.
3. The pedestrian walkways are full of chewing-gum. Really looks like man-made mural you know?
4. The “smell” of English. They have a weird smell actually.
5. It’s freaking cold at all time. You are about to exhale a lot of “smoke”.hahaha
6. Everyone is NUFC fans. Don’t even try to shout out loud any away team. Honestly u’ll get smack! All bars have signed of “NO AWAY FANS”. Please. MU fan must not live here. Neither Liverpool nor Arsenal. They really hate you. It was against Hull City when I was at St. James Park yesterday. COCKNEY MAFIA OUT! Hail GEORDIE.
7. 23 years living in Malaysia, we always cannot wait to get into the Building, for air-conditioner. But here, we will always cannot wait to get into the Building once again, but for heater.
8. Pakcik tukang sapu sampah, lap tingkap, pungut tin they all are English. Asian here is the upper class people. Even beggar mintak sedekah pun English dude!
9. It’s a big city with fewer cars. No traffic jams at all.
10. Yang paling takleh blah, dorang suke bercium depan orang.Geli aku tengok.


Faiz said...

Wah, I hope you can gain a lot of experiences during your study there and also multinational friends as well.

Keep up a good work, show them the semangat "Malaysia Boleh!!"

It's already 16/9, but nothing happen yet as being asserted by you know who.

I'm looking forward to it actually, maybe change can bring great things to our homeland...maybe...

Anonymous said...

hey ya bro...i really envy you..
huahua..how i wish i can get a chance like u..

well..keep on posting..really want to know how's your life there..it really sounds interesting..

so good luck!!!

miss nurulle said...

hehehehe.... dont forget to say hi when u see me! =p

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