15th Ramadhan here it is

Today was so good. I've bought my duvet, pillow and bedding and am ready to sleep tight tonight.Hahahaha.Everything is complete, just a few more things to buy before the class is start.

Around 7.00 at the evening, just a few more minutes before Maghrib, I went to Newcastle University mosque with Epul. Exploring the Google Earth, selambe je pegi xtau jalan. Alhamdulillah senang je jumpe.

For the first time of my life, bukak puase dalam suasana yang lain betul. Having tamar and goat milk for buka puase, with multi racial from around the world, with the similarity of faith towards Allah and Rasulullah pbuh. There are Malaysian, Indonesian, Somalia, Sudan, UAE, China and the local Geordie as well. The spirit of ukhwah was really absorbed here u know. It is impossible to have this environment in Malaysia.

Maghrib prayer was inititated by azan and then a wonderful reciting of quranic verse from the imam was really touching. Mase ni lah nampak macam2 gaye orang Islam solat. yang tergaru sane, tergaru sini, yang straight tangan ke bawah, yang menangisnye lain lagi, yang asik keje betulkan seluar pun ada! But this have proved the wonderful of universal of Islam. No matter what is our culture, races, having the same faith of God is really amazing.

But the weird thing is, (another new thing for me) there is no doa after prayer. Everybody is doing it nafsi-nafsi. Yes, look like individualistic, I feel like it less spirit of unity but I was wrong. After solat sunat, baru ade doa ramai2, followed by tazkirah from somebody that I can't remember his name. He is about reminding the jemaah about how wonderful of Islam, which express the mean of similarity without asking human being to make division like Hindu, nor fight for equality and similarity like communist.

After that we had our iftar, in a group of 4 or 5, and then we were having to know each other, like a very simple taaruf. I just made another few friends here. Ryan from Indonesia, Salif from Sudan and Muhammad from Somalia. All of them were really admiring Malaysia u know.

Hrm...I'm not feeling so good because can't having teraweh here just because its gonna be finished too late about 11 and it is quiet dangerous to walk alone back to the hall. Maybe tomorrow will having traweh at Northumbria prayer room. That's it for today. O Allah, the God who have the absolute power to change our heart, please keep guiding my heart to you.


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