2nd day.weird thing? what?

Yes it is 15th, 6.20 in the morning. Guess what? They play the fire alarm once again! Argh. U know how stressful I am running to the assembling point and terpakse tutup hidung sebab mulut Cina tu sume masyaallah! Kalau bunyi time nak sahur takpelah jugak. Ni orang dah bangun subuh then tido balik. Pheww. Hish don’t ever merungut lah Mus’ab. Learn positive. Gain all positive energy. Don’t let anger or hatred colonized you ever. Smile! J
U knows what, this morning I just figured out that the fridge in the kitchen is different with the one at our homecountry. The room for vegetables, fruits, and other dry stuff should be the upper one. Hahaha. Just when I arrived last Saturday, I’ve been putting ikan bilis, serai nd belacan at the lower door. Could you imagine betapa kerasnya bende2 tu? Hahah. How stupid I am.
Dude I can’t sleep now. What to do? It is too early, the wind is too heavy, and it is too cold out there. Alhamdulillah I have my notebook. Kalaulah dengar cakap Mak Ha takyah bawak aritu?


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