Dah malam lagi boring?

It’s almost end of 14th.About 10 minutes more to 15th. Alhamdulillah another day is being filled with something. About 10 o’clock this morning I have met Yusof@Ngocop at Eldon Square as we have been arranged yesterday. Met Hafis aka Aseng as well, post graduate student of Northumbria. We really get in together u know, Epul was 86, I myself was 85, Ngocop was 84 and Aseng was 83. At first, it’s quite discomfort for me to communicate with both of them, but 10 minutes later, I just figured out how friendly they are. Yes, maybe it’s too early to judge them, but at least for the time being, they were very nice.

We have a walk through the Eldon Square, which is quite large shopping centre, asking them how, what, when and everything so on and we just completed visiting a few basic markets for our essential needs like Hyemarket, 1£ store, Primark, some sports store, and some other cheap stores for students like us, indeed. We have learnt how to use the Metro, talking about boycott by the Newcastle United Fans over the sacked of King Kevin, which halal market available on site, and the cheap Chinese groceries at Chinatown. Wasn’t it great? I think so.

· Did you know that here in UK, “SUN” is a right occasion? Boleh dikatakan dorang ni Englishman merupakan manusia jakun di dunia because of once the SUN is revealing itself, everybody will go out to the street and lepak kat tempat yang ade matahari. Another new and weird thing here in UK. Kalau summer?Masyaallah.

After a long walk, feeling exhausted and starving of course because we are fasting, we proceed to Fenham, the sub-suburb of Newcastle city. It can be said this is the community of second class Geordie and there are a lot of Asian here. There are Pakistani, Arab, Chinese, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Japan and Malay as well. Most of stores here are halal, where I could buy proper-slaughtered chicken, beef, and mutton and so on. Did you know you can afford Malaysian Maggi, Adabi food paste, sardines Cap Ayam and Kicap Cap Kipas Udang as well? If I figured out this earlier before arriving here, of course I would never allow my excess baggage for all these. Hahahaha.

Then we plan to visit a Malaysian student house at Fenham. On our way to that house, we’ve met a group of teenagers and they were staring at us just like we are the monkey in the zoo. Mula dah aku rase tak sedap hati. Dah la Fenham ni ade orang kene bunuh last week. Aseng and Ngocop said they are called “chuff”. Penah nampak Punk, Skinhead and all of that kind of stuff lke that? Tengok Wikipedia untuk maklumat lanjut. Tapi dorang more on sports. Track suit, sporty looking and that’s it, ganas! Then we are passing by an Orthodox Church. The really old Christian from the century of Isa lagi. Penah denga isu orang kawin dengan ahli kitab?Dorang nilah ahli kitab.(Ups jangan keliru they are really different with the most of Christians nowadayas. Bukak website YusufIslam untuk cerita panjang lebar. Aku bukan ustaz).

Pastu meeting Safuan, Helmi, and another two guys that I have forget their names, I’ve meet more new friends kat rumah dorang. But the interesting thing is, Safuan was Jambu’s ex-schoolmate from Alam Shah. Hopefully Jambu is reading this. Muahahaha. What a small world man. After having Zuhr and Asr, I just fall asleep there until 5.30. It’s almost Maghrib!
Just about 15 more minutes to Maghrib, we have visited to Bro Shuhaimi’s house for breaking the fast (is that what they are calling Bukak Puase). Thanks God dapat makan nasi, kari daging, ayam goreng and bihun sup. Mwahahaha. I have to learn to appreciate all that.Hahahaha. Layan anak2 die yang tak pandai speaking Malay langsung lagi (They really sound Geordie). Then we have Maghrib prayer together and Trawih with about 30 Malaysian from around the city. They said that Bro Shuhaimi is the old timer or “abang-abang” here. After trawih, tazkirah from Ustaz (I always forgot their names) and nice Moreh. Wasn’t that heard like so boring? I don’t think so.
Then Bro Bakti sent me and Epul back to Northumbria, get a tapau from Bro Shuhaimi’s wife (another person that I have forgot her name) and walking about 5 minutes to hall. Wargh kenyang gile perot dengan sejuknya lagi masuk bilik dapat heater rase best gile. Penah korang rase appreciate dengan kepanasan tak? U better learn that from now.

And that’s all for today. Tomorrow will having another walk around university, shopping for my bedding, duvet and pillow as well as some kitchen appliances, finding some mosques nearby and laundry for my smelly clothes. Weh ketiak cepat berbau doh duduk sini. Lagi la kalau malas mandi sebab sejuk. Huahahah. Will be writing again soon. Boring ke bace ni?


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samekom.kem salam kt safuan.ckp bisu kem salam

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