14th September I'm just here far away from lovely homeland

It is 14th today. We are just finishing a stupid fire drill. Could you imagine how can they turn on the fire alarm in the 7 at the morning?huh. Crazy white. Now I am in front of this Presario typing this because it is too cold, and I can’t even sleep. Have to buy some bedding after this.
God I’m so stressful for not getting connected for 24 hours. Not getting connected mean, I can’t have the breaking news, what happen to the world and my lovely country indeed for the time being. Arriving at Newcastle International Airport is quiet interesting, the immigration officer is so friendly, and I am entering the northland of Great Britain is that easy. No document to be examined, none of my bags is being checked, and everything was just nice. Huh I’m very sorry I cannot publish any post for days because of the hassle things to be settled down. I just hoping that I can publish at least one or two post per week as I’m arriving at Newcastle but this is it, they said no internet access until Monday! What a rule.

The only thing I love in the Welcome Pack issued by the Meet and Greet staff is the Pay-as-you-go Nomi simpack. With just 5 pence per minute, I can directly called my missing-badly people far away back to my home country. That girl is sobbing, haha (meaning that she really missing me) and I have to wake her up while it is 3 in the morning (Malaysia time). Calling mama just to inform my arrival and what a great country Newcastle is, I keep wondering why that my “jiwang-mama” neither she cry even just little from the time she sent me out to the airport nor when I’m calling her from this colonial homeland. Ah that wasn’t important, what thing in the world know her truth felling,ait??

The environment here was so great. I just having a walk to the city centre last night and the infrastructure, the architecture, the people, the shops, everything was really interesting. The best part to share these things is of course, image and picture. But I have to say that I’m sorry…All of the pictures cannot be published now and hopefully I can show all of them within these few weeks. Mintak maaf sangat2…Am I look stupid in English??


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