After a few days since the last post, I've something to write here. Hopefully you will not getting bored by reading this. 

Today is my first day having Jumuah prayer here. After having the library tour as being arranged by the university, I decided to go to the Northumbria Prayer Room to have Jumuah Prayer. The people are very nice. I know quite a lot of new Malay student here as well as some of the seniors but I only met Aseng at the mosque, the one and only Malay having Jumuah prayer there. Ive been wondering where are the rest of the Malay, of course muslim that I know here. Masyaallah, I have to make a good suspicion on them.

Have you been cried when listening to khutbah? For the first time of my life, I dont know why, when Im listening to the khatib, whose are very different from any other khatib Ive met before. You know, I had a lot of Jumuah prayer previously, but this khatib was very different. He was wearing a common cloth, like most of us, and his speech was very touching. I dont know how about the rest of the jemaah, but for me, this is my very first time of comprehending fully the khutbah. I never noticed when was my tears going down excessively fast just like that.

The khatib was keep asking question like have we ever ask Allah to be always with us when we are doing something, have we ever realized that Allah is always be with us, even when we are in the bathroom, even when we are thinking about well kept ourselves. Living in this kuffar land, do we have ever considered to bliss the trees, animals, clouds and even the winds to let them heard us reciting the Quran? After a very long time, all of the trees, animals, clouds, winds, and every kind of subsistence is missing the zikrullah from the human here.

The mosque, (I mean the small prayer room) is not like we have in Malaysia. There is no beautiful mosque like in Malaysia. There is no proudly stand huge mosque like we have in Malaysia. But every room space that become mosque here is really live u know. Eventhough the jemaah is keep changing time after time, there will be somebody who concern to keep strenghten this Holy Religion as the way of life. Insyaallah I will become one of them.

This is the final day of orientation week. The student union is organizing Welcome Party at the Reds Bar at the Student Union Building. Pubs and Clubs is the way of people socialize themselves here. What I'm trying to say here is, most of new Malay student from Malaysia was skipping their fast for today, to attend the party. The party will be on 5 until 8. Imagine how dare they are, skipping fasting just because want to attend that party. All of them including my flatsmates, which are European (of course they are musyrikin), keep asking me to join them. Alhamdulillah, I have the strength to refuse. O Allah, keep giving me strength for this...(anybody who read this post, I beg u, keep pray for me so that I can avoid all of this kind of things..)


faiz said...

From my own observation, when the country they lived provide ample accommodation, support, money and etc to certain religions, some of them are likely to disregard their own religions; take for example the muslims in Malaysia, how many mosque are being utilised other than for Friday prayer, but based on your story in the UK, muslims there must struggle in order to continue to exist, and that's what keep them unite.

pensel tajam said...

ya benar itu.sokong2

'AiFa Naz said...

smga iman mu msh dan kekal tegap di dada...skema tol ayt tu...hehhe..hye mus'ab..salam!!ko dkt sane tu bek2 tau..ktrg dkt cni insyaallah akn alwyz doakn ko..u must stay belevg. in ur self k??

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