I should smile from now on?

Quote:"If you know your enemy and yourself, you will not be defeated by hundred battles. If you did not know your enemy but know yourself, you will win one and lose one.But if don't know you enemy and nor yourself, then you will be defeated by every single battles."-sunzu

You know what have I got and learnt from this quote?

1. To become a great person, you have to be positive. All of your thinking, principles, ethic and policies should be positive. That's why sunzu is putting the positive thing first, which about you will have your "win" first. No matter what thing u'll get involve, never put the negative energy at the front, laid every bad thing and consider them after you have analyzing what positive things that you will get.

2. It is yourself that you should thinking about. Who are you, your roots, yourself and whatsoever because that is the fact that you are dealing with. Even you just knowing yourself, you will at least win one even there is a high probability that you will get lose because of didnt know your enemy.

3.It is an essential for me to apply this for myself in order to live and learn a lot of things here. Considering all of bad things that I will face here is my enemy, I should know them well, besides of preparing myself and knowing myself more, I will win every single battles after this. =)


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