My Budget Planning?

After been here for a week; this is my budget planning exactly as the way I'm looking how should I make my expenses.(The minimum amount indeed)

Accommodation & bills = To be excluded (should be paid on annual basis)
Groceries = 25pound per week (strictly no outside eating-which mean I must cook by myself)
Laundry   = 3pound per week 
Printing&assignment = approximately:20pound per week
Toilettries = 5pound per week (have to buy toilet paper here hahahahahah)
Emergencies (for prescriptions and whatsoeve) = 50pound per month.
Cigarettes: strictly no smoking.I've stop already!

TOTAL EXPENSES: 53pound per week = 212pound per month + 50pound 
= 262pound per month.

p/s ; babah if u read this, this is the amount to be sent out to me.hehe.not so sure if I should smile or otherwise..


Anonymous said...

btol ke ko dah brenti rokok

pensel tajam said...

betol ni serius ni.

iffa said...

alhamdulillah bagusla dah berenti merokok =)

questions. 20pounds per week for printing n assignments? i bet uve got loads of work ahead of u then!! if its that much id suggest u buy a printer. brp satu helai northumbria charges u?

oo and for emergency prescriptions, I think u will be able to get an HC2 form from NHS, which entitles u to free prescriptions (n u get free eye check up and spectacle every other year) so try applying one. Ask for HC1 form to apply. Itmight end up u dont get it but its worth a try.

keep up with ur good work and love for Islam!

kak iffa

pensel tajam said...

waaa.thanx a lot for the advise.So then should I revise my budget?hrmmmmm

Anonymous said...

mus'ab my ex-buddy...stop smoke already??alhamdulillah..aku kene g sane kot tuk berhenti merokok!!hehehe,aku pun nak behenti gak!!huhuhuhu

Anonymous said...

bgs ar dah benti... saje je nyibuk kt blog ko ni.. leh tau cte terbaru ko kt sane...
sume ade kt umah ni.. usu n ateh..

camat ari raye... pos duit raye..


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