Examination is getting closer!

It's been a year since my last paper of exam. Obviously it is not easy to get into the mood again after a very long time. But what option do I have?

Aha. I got no option at all. The exam has to be taken. No matter whether I like it or not.

Aha. This seems like the option of choosing the way of living.

Aha. I got no option, I have to face a real exam after this short-life. What do I have to do? Easy answer, nothing to ponder, nothing to be thought any further. Only and always be, get prepared.

Then, that is the answer, the only answer so I have to get prepared.

Get prepared the son of Mustafha and Norhayati!
Get prepared the slave of Allah!
Get prepared!


AiFa said...

good luck ek for ur examz..

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