what more?


After a few weeks, these are some of my picture around Newcastle. Have a look. Gambar raye kelak ya!

somewhere in newcastle.epul gary and I.

just another crap but the weather just nice that day

this pillar doesn't appear as nice as it was real

NUFC stadium, St. James Park

i don't have any idea why I should ask him to snap this one

epul gary and nikel

it supposed to be me but I cannot understand that Geordie accent.
So that's why Gary took it over. 
Interview by Skysport over the quittance of Kevin Keegan

I don't want to but they forced me. Stadium again.

Northumberland Street. High street shopping.


Red Indian on show! Originally imported from The State.


maryam mustafha said...

wes...sape org negro 2..
tinggi bley x..
ko paras ketiak dy e...

Anonymous said...

sedih siot bau ketiak negro... huhu...
apa psl ko tmbh tembam? byk mkn ka....

pensel tumpul said...

oi nigger wakaka ni afiq kate die ade stok gambar kiter tauliah ramai2 and time terime watikah, total rm40, ko nak? mesti la ko nak kan, selamat hari raye maap fzkal mental and rohani khas dari kitorang "the pensel tumpul gang" - aiz, jambu, mazu, hfz comey, deli, mooz and bdk2 yg eskot ko aritu and sape2 la yg ko rase nak wish raye kat ko! wawawa

pensel tajam said...

weh thanx bro.aku nak gamba tu!aduh tapi camne nak bagi duit do.upload wei plz.tlg2

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