Let us spit the Bastards!

Suddenly i had a feeling to type in a few storyline here after receiving the jpa agreement form after a very long and hard birocracy procedure. I am not going to tell you how sad and hard it was for me to get a sponsorship (or at least a riba-based loan) in order for me to obtain a piece of shit that is being called "degree". Waste your precious 1-minute here and I bet you will curse me like I am the worst creature that GOD ever made.

The cost of a college education (some people name the kindergarten as college as well) has risen to unthinkable levels over the last two decades. Let me name the bastards that rule our country over the last two decades; The Bastard Mahathir Mohamad and The Assassin Najib Razak. Go to hell with salutation as my definition of salutation might be differ than you do. Ah lets get back to the point. Few parents have the extra coins on hand to cover these costs, so student loans and mounting debt have become a reality for so many students.

Easy picture, a graduate nowadays will be burden with an outstanding debts of 50 to 100 thousand ringgit. It almost defeats the purpose of getting a degree at the first place (I'm going to say it is already did). so fakap right? With no end to tuition increase in sight, financial aid packages are essential for every single student ( unless your parent are among those Bastards and Assasins).

Make it simple, this is how the picture of our life is being drew by the Bastards and the Assassins (probably they did draw this only on a piece of rough paper that they picked randomly from their dustbin; might be the losing tenderer's application form or might be their used toilet paper, who knows?). I don't give a shit on your responses as I already know be defensive or supportive, it is all about justification. But I am still standing to write.

Ah forget to explain what I inteded to say on the previous paragraph. This is the picture; Parent will give you birth, with RM 1 fees if they choose to make it in a government hospital ( which belong to us, not them!) or a few thousands ringgit if they choose to make it in a non-government (which also belong to us by them stealing our money and slaughtered the rights to get a free medical treatment with a fakap privatisation).Excuse my language!What a shame to steal RM 1 after stealing billions of money?Oh God.

Then you will go to school, again you are require to pay the school fees, where they say it is not that much (yes not that much, they are going to steal from you even only a penny!) Then get an entry to a foundation college (they named it by a various number of glamourous term-matriculation, STPM, foundation centre or whatever shit they have in mind). After that you will go to the next level; the most being dreamed of; UNIVERSITY.

What a joke. They offer you a piece of white shit with your name written in there, like a passport for you to get into a so called "well respected and reputable" stage of life. What a joke. May I start laughing now? Haha.Do you realized what kind of life stage are you getting into? A life phase of paying debts and debts and debts. Congratulation everybody!

p/s I am not among those "fully sponsored" student, I realize that life is not easy, but bloody hell I know that a humankind shouldnt be burden with debt that is being created intentionally by the Bastards and the Assassins.Allegation?Haha.
My definition might be different from you, so dont teach me the meaning of those.



tajamkannuraniku said...

Salam perjuangan..tahniah syabas..luahan, curahan hati dan rasa yang sgt tajam lagi menajamkan..semoga apa yang di rasa ,merasa,berjaya membuat semua berasa perlu..begitu perlunya satu perubahan sistem dan sikap...

Kau semakin dewasa dan matang..teruskan perjuangan demi manafaat ummah..

Anonymous said...

So u expect to go to college for free? build ur own fakap college urself then! haha .. pensel tajam dari gua

Anonymous said...

Haha. Anonymous, it is not the issues of college fees here. It's how people can manipulate needy people through the so called "pinjaman". Haha. Kenapa datang blog orang, mencarut pastu letak anonymous? Takda batu ke?

am said...

1st time i read this blog,there is something in my mind..young generation looking for a field, free & empty field, to play on their way..congrats pensel tajam..i always support your idea.sorry for the past thing.i'm really immatured.


mus'ab shit said...

im totally truthfully, disagree with u... so, where the hell u may obtain your student funds ? sources? ur parents pocket money? or begging on the street? dont talk nonsense la... you still had a long journey ahead of ya... it is your fault living in this country.. we are not the same like those american bastards who monopolized ppls money all around the world.. if u dnt like the way this country regulates their education foundation.. then u should pack your bag and get the hell out.!!!!!!!!!!!!

pensel tajam said...

mus'ab shit, apa karutan carutan anda ni?gua xpaham.kenapa xda kontol sangat pengecut ke xboleh tunjuk identiti?

ex-RAA said...

sharp pencil: THINK DEEPLY B4 U WRITE..tq

Mus'ab takde otak... said...

wei bro, lu ni mmg otak PAS tol la... ko kutuk2 Tokoh kebanggan rakyat malaysia tu kot... tanpa dorang tak wujud Malaysia mcm skrg ni... ko nak Harap ideologi karut marut, pembelot, kentot ko... ko sapa nak kutuk2 dorang... Think before u write ur blog la bro... lu bckp mcm seorang komunis kat negara ni... ko lahir kat negara ni so rspect what the governement has done... u got no obligation to criticize... u just the same as us.... citizen in this great country... . i truly respect what they had done... just bersyukur la ngan ape yg kau ade.. dah sambung blaja oversea.. dpt kerja bagus.. ntah la bro.. u got some mental distortion

dan said...

aku rasa niy kan page dia. layangan dia. so its all up to him nk tulis apa. korg2 yg -ve niy xbaca ke blog niy tulis apa? "antara emosi fikiran dan suara hati" n "karutan oleh pensel tajam"

so what the heck korg ckp mcm tu. take a positive side + negetive side juga.

korg masuk rumah org xbagi salam then ckp mcm haram. kalo xsetuju seklipun just read it. dia pun xsuruh / paksa korg komen komen.

itu hanya pendapat yg aku rasa pendapat luahan dia saja.

btw musab jgn pikir aku bodek ko.

DaytimeLatern said...

Firstly, saya bukan pro kerajaan..
Ini sedikit pendapat saya..

Apa sangat la bayar2 utk dpat'n apa yang kita nak..Kerajaan hanya paksa kita masa tahap sekolah rendah n menengah sbb nk pasti'n generasi seterusnya berpelajaran..itu pun dah banyak yang kerajaan invest utk generasi akan datang.

N utk dpat "a piece of white shit with your name written in there". Kerajaan x ada paksa pun kita masuk. Kita yang gatal kaki pergi sana.

Therefore, kalo taknak dibebankan dgn hutang berjela-jela..jgn la msuk n wat pinjaman..pegi keje dlu..kumpul duit..pstu bru g amek "a piece of white shit with your name written in there"..

there are no particular age in learning.

just my two cents

Anonymous said...

haha! teror la sgt lu john.

nur syazwani said...

i hv to say that IM AGREE.
NICE language is for NICE people.



nur syazwani said...

THIS GUY is pandai la
we pay tax..
why Brunei doesnt execute ROAD TAX?

aaah....wrong nisbah?


SHITto only talk to SHITto.


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