Intifada Palestine!

On 2nd january around 60 protestors turned out for a noisy picket of the Newcastle branch of Mark and Spencer, calling for a boycott of M&S over their support for Israel, the boycott of all Israeli goods and an end to all British support for Israel. 

Hrm.. my 1st time joining a rally (i mean abroad, out of Malaysia). A very good experience for me. Assembling people together to fight against the apartheid state of Israel. A lot of people getting out from Mark and Spencer and they were shouting like crazy on us. They were shouting "Bloody Paki", "U back off idiot!", "Stop talking bulls**t!" and many more. Police attended the demonstration but with the exception of harassing people behind the stall over whether they were accepting donations, kept a low profile. 

Kitorang jerit la "Free Palestine!"."1,2,3,4, Occupation No More! 5,6,7,8 Israel is an Apartheid State!". "Intifada Palestine!". Yang stylo tu omputih tu sume pun jerit sama. Ya Allah selamatkanlah saudara2 kami. Hancurkanlah Musuh2 kami. Nak tau picket tu ditamatkan dengan apa? Takbir!Allahuakbar! sume orang tercengang beb.

Btw, ni just intro. Besok (3rd Jan), protestors  will be turning out in force for a rally at Grey's Monument from 12-2pm, called by local Palestinians and supported by Newcastle Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Fight Racism Fight Imperialism, Tyne and Wear Stop the War Coalition, University Friends of Palestine and others. 

End the onslaught on Gaza! 
End British collusion with the blockade of Gaza! 
Boycott Israeli goods! 
Boycott Marks and Spencer! 
Self-determination for the Palestinian people!

Haybar Haybar Haybar Ya Yahud! Jaishu Muhammad! Saufa Yauud! Allahuakbar!


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another one to be a matter...

faiz said...

Free Palestin...ALLAHUAKBAR

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