23rd birthday

It's 12th November 2008. I've been here in this God's world (earth) for 23 years. Once again, I am very thankful to God for giving me such a very great opportunity to inhale the oxygen, and I could continue all of my effort to achieve His blessing. Alhamdulillah.

I still remember, since my memory was working at 3 years old, my dad keep remind me not to ask for birthday present. He never teach me to receive any birthday present and I have to thank my Mom for giving me birth at 12th November 1985. Year after year, that's what I'm doing and today, it was my 20th time doing that. Terima Kasih Ma! Hanya Allah mampu membalasnya.

Hrmm.. but, here in Newcastle, all of my flatmates set up surprise party for me. Not really a party, but they did something for me. Arghh.. So kind of them.. Actually this is the second time celebrating my birthday. The first time was last year, at UNIKON. I cannot forget that Strawberry Chocolate Cake!It was the nicest cake I ever had!

In the kitchen. Can u see the cake?

Chocolate again. My fav!

Davidoff perfume. Can u imagine?

Argh! Atal, it was so hard! U were not supposed to put it in the freezer!

Look like I was working very hard to cut it. Yes I am!

Thanks Atal for this and Epul for additional recipe. Hahaha

See? A birthday present, in a box!

From Nikhil, Atal, Chaminda and Garhe.
Man.. Y u people do this to me..Sob2. Anyway, it's Davidoff! I love the smell!


AiE bAhRi said...

happy besday 23rd
moga success selalu..

mokcu said...

nice kn?still ade y syg wlupun jauh dr family?

Anonymous said...

hapy brthday abg mus'ab....
smoga pnjg umur dn murah rezeki!!!

dr juniormu..hehe

akmal said...

hepi besday
sori mbat
wow dpt coolwater game
same ngan aku cume aku nye kecik je

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