I love my religion so what?

Huhh..Did u know that it is not that easy to live with those people in my flats. They are absolutely not muslim, and they even not pracitising their own religion beliefs, except the Hindu.

Last night we are about having some little meeting, discussing what we have to agree, by living together. I respect their lifestyle, if they love to drink, eating pork or whateve, its up to them. Yes of course these people never give up to invite me to join them, and I refuse nicely.

I feel discouraged when someone said something like this, "I promise that u will eat this shit (pork) someday. Why can't you eat this?Muhammad and Allah love it, so y don't u? Why do you need to fast?Even Allah did not fasting". 

Hish. I'm losing my respect for them. Totally. 

I have a very huge responsibility to protect and take care my love Islam. Ya Allah, I ask for your forgiveness, protect me, bless me and please, don't ever let this people make fool of your Deen.


Anonymous said...

sorry lah ye nak tegur pasal ur written English. Sengaja mispelt ke coz byk jugak mispelling. And grammar byk tak betul. Saya bukan apa. Nak paham jadi lintang pukang sikit.

Kalau tak kisah saya boleh tolong editkan.

email: master.lammex@yahoo.com

tajamkannuraniku said...

salam ramadhan salam sayang..semakin lama kita hidup, makin lama kita menumpang bumi Allah ini makin besar dan mencabar ujian keimanan yang Allah takdirkan kepada kita..tapi yakinlah 2 semua kerana Dia nak keluarkan berlian yang ada dalam diri kita..tahniah , syabas mg almattin, alaziz sentiasa mendanugerahkan kekuatan dan kemantapan iman padamu anakku..take it bravely and nicely..u can insyaallah..mama sentiasa doakan drp sini..anggaplah ia sebagai satu latihan, tarbiyah, riadah Allah untuk tingkatkan lagi martabatmu di sisi NYA..

tajamkannuraniku said...

master lammex..salam perkenalan..bagus gak kalau rajin tegur2 dan betulkan spelling and grammer..2 yang saya rasa pun.. tapi x banyak masa nak betulkan..4 me asal faham pun ok..tapi untuk perbaiki apa salahnya kan..

D said...

One thing you must remember is that do not show that you are weak in front of them.

Some people prey on weaknesses.

When they said those various things, just shrug and laugh at their faces.

By the way, be more specific when you request for help from Allah.

I would have taught you ways to sarcastically retort but I don't think its your character so I don't want to impose.

Good luck

pensel tajam said...

saya ini bukan orang inggeris.dan saya pun bukan dibesarkan dalam keluarga yang berbahasa inggeris.ye saya akui english saya amat terok.dan untuk pengetahuan master.lammex, ini adalah minggu kedua saya benar2 mengamalkan bahasa ini.silalah betulkan.itu baru written english.belum lagi dengar saya punye spoken english lagi ya.pheeeewww.tapi terima kasih banyak untuk teguran itu.saya amat hargainya.=)

Anonymous said...

xpe2 ko pandai gak... haha..

Mazu said...

mushap, hold on tight with our religous.. forget whatever they say... behave yourself..


Synnøve-Anne Espensen said...

Are they European because some european very rude because they don't believe in Islam totally. Try to be friend with Finnish because they are extremely awesome. Or maybe Scandinavian.

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